Cloud Team

Rick Villars

Group Vice President Worldwide Research

Julie Ross

Research Director, Worldwide Software and Public Cloud Services Trackers

Satoshi Matsumoto

Research Director, IT Services, IDC Japan

Takashi Manabe

Group Director, Software & Security / IT Spending, IDC Japan

Marianne Kolding

Vice President, European Core Research Excellence Leader, European Skills Practice

Vladimir Kroa

Associate Vice President, IT Services , CEMA

Gideon Lopez

Country Manager, Israel

Chris Morris

Vice President, IDC Asia/Pacific

Daphne Chung

Research Director, Services, IDC Asia/Pacific

Alejandro Florean

Vice President Consulting & Strategic Solutions, Latin America

Waldemar Schuster

Program Manager, IT Services, Latin America

Gard Little

Vice President, Global Services Markets and Trends

Larry Carvalho

Research Director, Platform as a Service

Julia Zhuge

Research Manager, Enterprise Research

Sarah Park

Research Manager, Cloud

Rijo George Thomas

Senior Market Analyst

William Lee

Research Director

Frank Della Rosa

Research Director, SaaS and Cloud Software

Rishu Sharma

Principal Analyst, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence

New Research

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